June 30, 1948, Chicago

Dear Dad,

This is a Hiawatha year! Four more new Twin Cities Hiawathas went into service today – just 13 years after the original – and they are beauties. There was a luncheon for the Press on one of the new diners followed by music and speeches broadcast over W M A Q.

Governor Green complimented the Railroad on its improved service for Illinois and Mr. Buford thanked him in reply and went on to say that after all, it was the public who had built the Hiawathas through their patronage, good will and helpful suggestions.

We now have an improved Midwest Hiawatha coming next month and the Chippewa to Upper Michigan becomes the Chippewa Hiawatha in the near future

July 28, 1948, Chicago

Dear Dad,

The Railroad Fair has opened with a bang. Yesterday was Milwaukee Road day and the Hiawatha band was down from Milwaukee. We are well represented having an exhibit of one of the Twin Cities Hiawathas which is getting a terrific play and lots of compliments. The "Wheels A 'Rollin'" Pageant is a great show and promises to be a smash hit. It portrays the simultaneous growth of the nation and the Railroads through a cast of more than 200 and a fine collection of antique and modern Railroad equipment.

December 31, 1949, Chicago

Dear Dad,

... We're all set for our Centennial year – 1950. The other night I was rereading my great grandfather's diary – the one you gave me so many years ago. Remember his statement in 1860 when he wondered "if I have seen the rise and fall of a great Railroad in ten short years?"

Our slogan for 1950 – "Opening Our Second Century," would answer his question…


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