Electric Locomotive No 10300

Built in 1920 by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company and the Baldwin Locomotive Works. This is a quill spring drive motor. Motors of this type are used to haul passenger trains of The Milwaukee Road between Harlowton, Montana, and Avery, Idaho. This locomotive was renumbered E10 in 1939.

Weight All  Drivers 420,000 Lbs.
Total Weight 620,000 Lbs.
Number of Driving Motors 6 (twin type)

Tractive Effort

at 25% tractive coefficient

105,000 Lbs.
Driving Wheel Diameter 68 inches
Length Overall 88 ft. 7 in.
Electric Locomotive No E71

A 3000 volt direct current freight locomotive built by the General Electric Company for 60" Russian gauge. Acquired in 1950 by The Milwaukee Road and converted to standard 4' 8-1/2" gauge at Milwaukee Shops. Placed in service on the electrified divisions of the railroad in the Rocky and Bitter Root Mountains.

Weight on drivers 405,600 Lbs.
Maximum tractive effort 101,400 Lbs.
Horse power

5110 h.p.

at 25.2 miles per hour

Maximum speed 68 miles per hour
Length 87' 9-3/4

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