No. 100

A 4-6-4 Streamlined Locomotive built in 1938 by the American Locomotive Company. Designed from the ground up to be streamlined for eye appeal as well as for speed in excess of 120 m.p.h.

Weight on Drivers 216,000 Lbs.

Total Weight

Locomotive and Tender

790,000 Lbs.
Steam Pressure   300 Lbs.
Driving Wheel Diameter   84 inches
Cylinder Size 23-1/2 in. x 30 in.
Tractive Effort   50,294 Lbs.

Heating Surface Total


4166 square feet
Fuel Capacity   25 tons of coal
Water Tank Capacity   20,000 gallons
Length Overall   103 ft. 11-1/2 in.
No. 1690

Built in 1940 by the General Electric Company. This is a 380 horse power, 44-ton switcher for light industrial switching. This locomotive has been re-numbered 1699.

Total weight, all on drivers 88,972 Lbs.

Starting tractive power

at 25 % factor of adhesion

22,243 Lbs.
Maximum speed 35 miles per hour
Length 33' 5"

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