No. 1808

Built in 1945 by Fairbanks, Morse & Co. This is a 1000 horse power switcher used for general switching in terminals.

Total weight, all on drivers   244,180 Lbs

Starting tractive power

at 25% adhesion factor

61,045 Lbs
Maximum speed 60 miles per hour
Length   48' 10"
No. 5

Built in 1946 by Fairbanks, Morse & Co. and the General Electric Company. The units of these locomotives can be coupled to make 4000 h.p. (2-unit) or 6000 h.p. (3-unit) locomotives. Each unit is equipped with a 2000 h.p. Diesel engine-generator which supplies electricity to four geared traction motors. The coupled length of each unit is 64 ft. 10 in.; total weight, 328,800 Lbs.

Weight on Drivers   223,700 Lbs.
Tractive Effort at 25 % Adhesion   55,925 Lbs.

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Last Updated: March 03, 2009