No. 990

Built in 1947 by American Locomotive Company. This is a 1500 horse power road-switcher with 6 wheel trucks for operation on light rail. Some units of this type are equipped with steam boilers for heating and cooling passenger cars. They can be operated in multiple for freight or passenger service.

Total weight   250,000 Lbs.
Weight on drivers   166,670 Lbs.
Length   55' 5-3/4"
Maximum tractive effort 41,683 Lbs.
Maximum speed   65 miles per hour
No. 81

Built in 1949 by Electro-Motive Division, General Motors Corporation. This is a 4-unit freight locomotive. Each unit is rated at 1500 horse power. It is equipped with dynamic brakes to control train speed on descending grades.

Total weight, all on drivers 923,988 Lbs.

Tractive effort

at 25% adhesion factor

230,997 Lbs.
Maximum speed 65 miles per hour
Length   201' 4"

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